Gauguin's painting breaks the transaction record of the oil painting industry

Gauguin's painting breaks the transaction record of the oil painting industry

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April 20, 2015-America-According to foreign media reports, one work of the famous French painter Gauguin has been sold with the price of $ 300 million which could be regarded as the highest price among the transaction record for those works of art.

It is reported that this work which name is "When did you get married?" was painted by Gauguin in 1892 and the content of this painting is two Tahitian women and it has been originally owned by a Swiss collector.

Previously, the highest price transaction record was the French painter Cezanne's painting which selling price is ¡ê 158 million and the buyer comes from Qatar which is small country of Middle East where is rich for oil.

According to the introduction of famous canvas prints supplier, this painting was originally collected by Swiss collector Rudolf Staechelin and it has been long time displayed at the Basel Art Museum during the past few decades.

The US media reported that the collector Staehelin determined to sell this painting due to different views with the Museum.

Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) is the world famous French Post-Impressionist painter and sculptor. He, Van Gogh and Cezanne were called three French Post-Impressionist masters. His works and minds have very profound impact with the development of modern and contemporary painting style.

Here, the editor from canvas prints online seller will also introduce with you the main information about Gauguin. Gauguin was born in Paris, France. He regarded the essence of painting as some independent nature of things and as one kind of memory creating experience rather than perceptual experience from repeatedly painting obtained directly from the outside environment. Compared to most contemporary artists, his original artistic exploration has been totally influenced by the customs and cultures of the tropical island in the South Pacific. That could also be regarded as the main styles of his oil painting.

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